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Southern California Saltwater Guide Trip  02/12/2019 –

Just got off the water here it is Tuesday evening February 12, 2019. Took my great friend John Waller to fish the Channel Islands today. Not a single trailer in the parking lot. Never saw another fishing boat Anacapa or Santa Cruz Island. Caught and released over 30 calico bass up to 4 pounds. Just absolutely wide-open fishing and really nice weather conditions on the way out and on the way home. All the fish were caught “Up and In”. Caught them on just about every plastic that we fished in less than 10 feet of water. Anglers interested in booking their saltwater calico bass fishing trip with Captain Jake Klinshaw can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Saltwater Fishing Charter 02/12/2019

Southern California Saltwater Guide Trip 01/29/2019 –

Went out for the first saltwater trip of the year today. No other boats at the launch ramp which is pretty standard for this time of year so we had the islands to ourselves. Had some reports of some bigger grade bonito up that was spotted by a friend from a commercial lobster fishing boat. After checking around for that and seeing a little sign of it we hit the shallows to try and catch a couple calico bass. Very summertime like fishing with nice quality calico bass shooting out of the rocks and eating the baits aggressively right at the boat. It was a very visual experience and very exciting to see especially in the dead of winter. Caught about 20-25 legal size calico bass before shooting in to the beach to see if the sand bass were still around. Checked a few areas and saw that they are still home and made a couple confirmation drops which we were rewarded with a sandbass on pretty much every drop. Then we left it alone and headed in early for a nice half day of fishing on the glassy ocean. Anglers interested in booking a fishing trip with Captain Jake Klinshaw can contact Rich Tauber at 818-439-1154 or go to and click the book online button. – Captain Jake Klinshaw
Morning at the Channel islands
Saltwater Fishing Charter 01/29/2019 2 Saltwater Fishing Charter 01/29/2019 1



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