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Pyramid Lake is located along Interstate I-5 in the Angeles and Los Padres National Forest on Piru Creek. The lake is 17 miles south of Frazier Park California and 20 miles north of Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Valencia California. Exit on Vista Del Lago.


Pyramid Lake offers camping, picnicking, boating, waterskiing, and swimming. Fishing is a popular sport at Pyramid Lake, where you can catch fish such as large and small mouth striped bass, trout, catfish, blue gill, and crappie.

Emigrant Landing boat launch is reached via Smokey Bear exit from Interstate 5. It has a marina, a boat ramp, beach, and picnic areas. Family and group campsites are also available at Los Alamos Campground in lower Hungry Valley.

Hard Luck Campground on Piru Creek also has family camping units when open. Beaches and picnic sites at Spanish Point, Bear Trap, Yellowbar (when open), and Serrano are reachable only by boat.

Fishing is allowed from every location at Pyramid Lake. You can catch fish such as large mouth bass, small mouth bass, striped bass, blue gill, crappie, and some trout. Courtesy docks and a ramp leading from Parking Lot A to accessible fishing sites are available.PLPhoto

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Recent Catches


Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/15//2018 –

Just various pictures from trips over the last two days. We’ve taken lots of people fishing and everyone enjoying the excellent striped bass fishing Pyramid Lake Southern California. Interested in fishing over the holidays? I can make all the arrangements for your fishing trip and we provide all the rods, reels and tackle you will need for the day. Call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/15//2018 Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/15//2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/11/2018 –

Just a typical morning Pyramid Lake Southern California I had a half-day client first thing in the morning and here he has the floor covered with pretty close to a full limit of stripe bass. Once again in the afternoon we did another trip  and close to limits for them also. A wide variety of techniques are working went through 25+ fish today without question the best fishing in Southern California call or text at 818-439-1154 to book your striped bass fishing trip today.

Pyramid Lake bass fishing guide 11/11/2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/04/2018 –

We had so many wonderful pictures from this weekend as we worked sun up till sundown as the stripe bass fishing is absolutely fantastic. Pictured below are great friends Nick and Jarred with the typical size fish were catching. No one on the lake and we’re catching 25 to 35 striped bass a day. They are all 1-4 pounds – and so much fun!! The fish or fat and healthy and we are dialed in on exactly how to catch them. With a custom painted bait from Japan the fish absolutely adore it. We are selling the bait to our clients at the end of the day. Want to get involved in the action call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/04//2018 Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/04//2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/01/2018 –

This is Andy Murphy with me this morning on his guided fishing trip Pyramid lake. Absolutely wide-open fishing had over 25 stripe bass in the first hour and a half in the morning. Caught another dozen fish and a few largemouth bass topped off by this beautiful 4 pounder and we’re on the trailer by 1PM! Absolutely fantastic fishing and no one on the water. Interested in booking a fishing trip call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/01//2018 Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 11/01/2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 10/31/2018 –

Here is Tom with this 12-year-old son Hayden with big smiles as we enjoyed a fun morning catching lots of striped bass on topwater plugs pyramid lake near Gorman California. Crystal clear water and exciting topwater action. Anglers interested in booking their trip Pyramid Lake in Southern California can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 10/31//2018

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service – 10/28/2018 – 

Was able to get out with Bruce and his friends on a bit of an exploratory guide trip today Pyramid Lake Southern California. Water was absolutely crystal clear and beautiful, water temperature was 68° and lots of grass beds still growing in shallow water. Scratched away at it and caught stripe bass largemouth bass and smallmouth bass really good company and was nice to see the lake in such great condition. We are open seven days a week and offer guided fishing trip’s Castaic Lake in Castaic California California, Lake Casitas Ventura California and of course Pyramid Lake. Contact me at 818-439-1154 for more information.

Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide 10/28//2018Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service - 10/28/2018 -

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service – 02/01/2018

This is Christin and Patch such a fun day today and such wonderful young women who totally love the sport of fishing. Fantastic enthusiasm and big smiles all day. Here is one of their striped bass which they caught on topwater and they also filled the boat with lots of big 2 pound rainbow trout. Really fun day and absolutely gorgeous weather. The trout fishing has just been crazy good! And their big ones! Anglers interested in going fishing with us can call or text me at anytime at 818-439-1154.

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service - 02/01/2018

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service – 01/28/2018

Here is John Waller visiting from Missouri. John and I have fish together many many times and have had some fantastic trips. John had never caught a stripe bass so mission accomplished! Once again topwater did the trick. Beautiful clear conditions at pyramid lake with virtually no one on the water. There were two large trout plants this past week at the lake. We actually made a stop and fished for about 10 minutes and caught five big 2 pound trout about as quickly as you could cast. As we all know the consistent weather continues all through next week anglers interested in getting involved in the striped bass and trout fishing at pyramid lake can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service - 01/28/2018

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service – 01/05/2018 – The fantastic topwater fishing marches on Pyramid Lake Southern California. The best fishing in the southland and it’s all exciting explosive topwater action. Anglers interested in getting involved can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service - 01/05/2018

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service – 12/24/2017 – All of us at Rich Tauber Fishing want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for following our website and our Facebook page we really appreciate it and hope that each and everyone of you can come fishing with us in 2018. Here is Deren on Christmas eve morning Pyramid Lake with his hands full of stripe bass and smallmouth bass caught on topwater and he also caught several fish on a fly rod! Once again Merry Christmas and we will be back at work tomorrow morning look forward to seeing you all soon.

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Service - 12/24/2017

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