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Rich Tauber Lake Casitas Fishing Guide

Lake Casitas opened to fishing in the late 50’s, and what a great producer it has been! As a result, we started our Lake Casitas Fishing Guide service in 1977. There are many reasons why we feel that Lake Casitas is one of the finest bass fishing lakes in America.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide

First, it’s a “no body contact” lake, therefore, no swimming, water skiing, or jet skiing. As a result, this keeps the crowds and noise down. By all means, we our a big believer that half the enjoyment of the fishing day is about a beautiful, peaceful setting. And Lake Casitas delivers. For the most part, we have little or no wind each morning, and light onshore breezes from the nearby Pacific Ocean every afternoon. In fact, we can count on one hand how many days we have had to cancel due to wind. With over thirty miles of shoreline, there’s a lot of room to fish. Accordingly, the combination of all these elements make Lake Casitas our #1 choice.

Big Bass in Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas is “FULL” of fish and is most famous for it’s “double digit” bass. As a matter of fact, two of the top 15 largest bass ever caught have come from this Ventura County impoundment. Consequently, what is overlooked is the huge population of 2 to 5 pound bass. we customize each day for my clients. In addition, we target what your needs are, and we discuss this before each fishing day.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide Map

Fishing can be very good year round. However, there two times of the year that are most famous, Winter and Spring. Winter is “BIG FISH” time at Lake Casitas, and there are two basic approaches for this time of year. Those being: to fish the big swimbaits for a monster, and scooping live shad for huge numbers of fish. The Spring is “prime time” and two techniques dominate. Site fishing for a giant, and once again fishing the live shad for lots of catch and release fun. 

The summer and fall is topwater time and as a result, anglers can fish the topwater bait all day long. In other words, it’s an exciting, visual way of fishing and the great thing is that a 10 plus pound fish can hit the bait at any time. For those who bring friends and children, it should be noted, we still have excellent live bait fishing with the netted shad.

Where to Fish on Lake Casitas

Bass fishermen work the areas of the lake where there are sharp drop-offs. Especially good places are around Main Island and around the numerous points. Likewise, anglers also do well all along the eastern shore. In addition, the Coyote Creek area is known for its good bass fishing too.

From the shore, anglers do well catching trout near campgrounds, especially by Mallard and Grebe Campgrounds. Likewise, trolling for trout can be rewarding in the deep water between Main Island and the western shore all the way down to the dam. When they open in June, Grindstone Canyon Cove and Indian Mesa Cove are always good fishing spots.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide Report

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Recent Catches at Lake Casitas


Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 01/22/2019 –

Just got off the water this evening and this is Ken with another quality Lake Casitas largemouth bass. Boy we’ve been fishing basically every day and it is not easy at all. Really working hard scratching away at getting some type of pattern together this winter. With water still running into Lake Casitas the lake has come up about 5 vertical feet in the last 30 days. We have a nice band of weather in front of us under so anglers looking to get out and do some bass fishing this winter can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 01/22/2019

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 01/10/2019 –

Great picture of a couple of really nice big black Crappie Lake Casitas Ventura California. We’ve had a pretty good winter catching these prized fish and all signs point to a very good spring of crappie fishing. We’re not catching the crappie every day but every now and then we come across a spot and pick away at em. Water temperature holding steady at 57° today. Anglers is interested in booking their fishing trip Lake Casitas Ventura California can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 01/10/2019

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 01/06/2019 –

This is a really nice picture of Raymond this morning who is visiting from Holland. He sent me an email and told me one of his wishes was to catch a largemouth bass in America and right off the bat this morning he got that done. We’re starting to settle in to the bass fishing at Lake Casitas and wrapping up our season of striper fishing at Castaic Lake and Pyramid Lake. By no means is the fishing easy at Lake Casitas but we have a pretty nice pace going and catching largemouth bass on a pretty steady basis. Anglers interested in booking a bass fishing guide trip Lake Casitas Ventura California and call or text me at 818-439-1154. Anglers can always go to and purchase today by clicking the book online button.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 01/06/2019

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 01/02/2019 –

Well we were back at it this morning breaking in the 2019 season. All of us at Rich Tauber Fishing want to wish you a Happy New Year! It was beautiful this morning and clients with big smiles fishing largemouth bass Lake Casitas Ventura California. We provide all the rods reels and tackle you will need for the day and we’re open seven days a week. Anglers interested in booking their bass fishing guide trip in Southern California can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 01/02/2019

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 12/29/21/2018 –

Just a wonderful picture from this morning. Our clients out enjoying the holiday season with a great mix of largemouth bass and black crappie. Calm beautiful winter conditions this morning. Interested in getting out the holidays? Call or text me at 818-439-1154 and I can get back to you with all the details of your fishing trip. Once again we provide everything that you need for the day. Additionally, want to book your fishing trip online go to www.richtauber and click the book online button.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 12/29/21/2018

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 12/17/2018 –

Well we had all of our boats and all of our guides working today as we had this fantastic group of young anglers. Big smiles and lots of beautiful big black crappie. Moreover, we have lots of boats to chose from and we are currently running trips on Lake Casitas and Pyramid Lake. Again, we supply all the rods reels and tackle you will need for the day . In fact, call or text me at 818-439-1154 for more information or go to and you can click the online button to book your trip today.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 12/17/2018

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 10/21/2018 –

Great picture from this morning of what we’re all about. Lots of fun and family spending quality time together and building memories Lake Casitas Ventura California. Yes the fishing at Castaic Lake in Castaic California is fantastic but we also want to let our clients know that we’re operating seven days a week at Lake Casitas Ventura California also. Again, we provide everything that you will need for the day. Call or text us at 818-439-1154.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 10/21/2018

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