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Rich Tauber Lake Casitas Fishing Guide

Lake Casitas opened to fishing in the late 50’s, and what a great producer it has been! As a result, we started our Lake Casitas Fishing Guide service in 1977. There are many reasons why we feel that Lake Casitas is one of the finest bass fishing lakes in America.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide

First, it’s a “no body contact” lake, therefore, no swimming, water skiing, or jet skiing. This keeps the crowds and noise down. We our a big believer that half the enjoyment of the fishing day is about a beautiful, peaceful setting. And Lake Casitas delivers. For the most part we have little or no wind each morning, and light onshore breezes from the nearby Pacific Ocean every afternoon. We can count on one hand how many days we have had to cancel due to wind. With over thirty miles of shoreline, there’s a lot of room to fish. The combination of all these elements make Lake Casitas our #1 choice.

Big Bass in Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas is “FULL” of fish and is most famous for it’s “double digit” bass. Two of the top 15 largest bass ever caught have come from this Ventura County impoundment. Consequently, what is overlooked is the huge population of 2 to 5 pound bass. we customize each day for my clients. In addition, we target what your needs are, and we discuss this before each fishing day.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide Map

Fishing can be very good year round. However, there two times of the year that are most famous, Winter and Spring. Winter is “BIG FISH” time at Lake Casitas, and there are two basic approaches for this time of year. Those being to fish the big swimbaits for a monster, and scooping live shad for huge numbers of fish. The Spring is “prime time” and two techniques dominate. Site fishing for a giant, and once again fishing the live shad for lots of catch and release fun. 

The summer and fall is topwater time and as a result, anglers can fish the topwater bait all day long. It’s an exciting, visual way of fishing and the great thing is that a 10 plus pound fish can hit the bait at any time. For those who bring friends and children, it should be noted, we still have excellent live bait fishing with the netted shad.

Where to Fish on Lake Casitas

Bass fishermen work the areas of the lake where there are sharp drop-offs. Especially good places are around Main Island and around the numerous points. Aglers also do well along the eastern shore. In addition, the Coyote Creek area is known for its good bass fishing too.

From the shore, anglers do well catching trout near campgrounds, especially by Mallard and Grebe Campgrounds. Trolling for trout can be rewarding in the deep water between Main Island and the western shore all the way down to the dam. When they open in June, Grindstone Canyon Cove and Indian Mesa Cove are always good fishing spots.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide Report

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Recent Catches at Lake Casitas


Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/19/2018 –

By in large, I’m going to let this picture from this morning Lake Casitas speak for itself.. We are open every day. Again, if you want to go fishing this weekend call or text me at 818-439-1154. We offer fishing trips seven days a week at Lake Casitas, Ventura California, Castaic Lake, Castaic California and saltwater fishing trips out of Channel Islands. No need to worry about rods reels and tackle we supply everything you need for the day.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/18/2018 –

This Anh fishing with his six-year-old son Eli. This was such a fun trip today as we went through a bunch of fish. Of course all the bass are released at the end of the day. So wonderful to see this young boy with such a big smile on his face as he caught these fish on a deep diving crankbait. We know how to catch these fish in the middle of the summer, come fish with us and we will show you the technique. Want to come fishing with us this weekend? Call or text me at 818-439-1154 for more information.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/18/2018

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/17/2018 –

Really a nice picture of father and son at Lake Casitas, Ventura, California, enjoying an experience, ultimately, they will remember for a long time. Weather cooled down just a little bit today and with the cooler temperatures the fishing seems to be picking up a bit. Most of our fish coming on a crankbait. We have half-day fishing trips and full day fishing trips available call or text me at 818-439-1154 for more information.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/17/2018

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/14/2018 –

Spent the last three days fishing with my great friend world famous actor Richard Roundtree. Most of you remember Richard’s classic hit movie “Shaft” and it’s always great to catch up and spend the day fishing with him. Here he is with a beautiful Lake Casitas largemouth bass caught on a crankbait. “Shaft 5” is due out in theaters next summer! Anglers interested in booking a fishing trip can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/14/2018

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/13/2018 –

Here is Ginger with a big smile on her face as she catches the largest bass of her life. Super exciting to watch her as she battled back-and-forth with this beautiful Lake Casitas largemouth on a crankbait today. We caught several fish today. Finally, it was a bit cooler and it seems like the fishing is starting to turn around because it’s a little bit cooler. Anglers interested in booking their fishing trip can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/13/2018

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/11/2018 –

Here is my great friend and longtime client Jerry Berman this morning, and boy it’s been a struggle at Lake Casitas. Moreover, water temperature has jumped to 81°. It’s a lot of work but we’re still catching a few on crankbaits, on the outside edge of the grass. We have been starting at 6 AM to avoid some of the afternoon heat. However, we’re looking for conditions to improve. Anglers interested in booking their fishing trip can call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/11/2018

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/08/2018

Boy it was a hot weekend at Lake Casitas and I’m talking about the temperature 🙂 However, a surprise this morning with this beautiful 4 1/2 pound rainbow trout taken on a live nightcrawler. We are catching a couple of fish early in the morning on topwater baits and also fishing for sunfish with the kids on summer vacation. Finally, by mid week the temperatures should get back to normal for the summer at Lake Casitas. Anglers interested in booking a fishing trip and call or text me at 818-439-1154.

Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 07/08/2018


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