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Captain Fred Klinshaw

My dad, Fred Klinshaw, who guides lake casitas for Rich Tauber fishing began bribing me with junk food to go fishing with him when I was two years old. After showing me the ropes, I didn't want the junk food anymore because I was already hooked on the sport. As I grew up fishing the local lakes, I could never get enough no matter how often my dad would take me. Eventually when I turned 9, my dad took me on my first ever sportfishing boat experience on a half day trip aboard the "Speed Twin". Saltwater changed my whole perspective and I knew then that I wanted to surround my life with the ocean. Continued to fish freshwater and saltwater up until I was 14 when an opportunity changed everything. A job to work as a pinhead and do the grunt work was offered to me by Jesse Martinez, a young, well known and very fishy captain. I gladly accepted and began working on the "Island Spirit" when I was a sophomore in high school. Learned a lifetime of knowledge and tricks as well as saw some incredible fishing in the year that I worked on the boat. Ended up buying my own boat at 16 years old and the days I'm not in school or working on the sport boat, I can still be found fishing from my boat. Jesse Martinez then got a better opportunity to run the "Speed Twin" out of CISCO's sportfishing and I continued to work for him on this boat. Worked my way up and continued to learn along the years and at 18 years old I took the course and passed the class to get my 100 ton captains license. After turning 19 years old I was eligible to submit my paperwork and received my merchant mariner credential which enabled me to run the boat as a relief captain for Jesse Martinez on the "Speed Twin", in turn, the same boat my saltwater addiction emerged from a decade prior. Through my experience on the water, I have fished from Canada all the way into Mexico, but am very familiar with the Santa Barbara coast all the way down to Malibu and all the islands in between. I strive to introduce new people into this wonderful sport and find it most rewarding to be able to teach people on a personal level how to become a better angler. I strive to put people on their next fish of a lifetime and love what I do. Would like to thank the people in my life who have introduced and allowed me to not only better myself but also others in this sport.

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