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Thank you for choosing Rich Tauber Southern California Bass Fishing Guide Service. California's ultimate instructional bass fishing guide service. Fishing Lake Casitas, Castaic Lake, and Pyramid Lake in Southern California since 1977. Come and experience world famous trophy bass fishing on the hottest bass fishing lakes in Southern California. We supply everything that you'll need for your day of fishing. While in the Los Angeles area let me show you what Southern California bass fishing is all about! From the novice angler to the most experienced fishermen, families to corporate trips, I will provide you with unmatched service and overall enthusiasm to ensure a great day of bass fishing here in Southern California.
  • Lake Casitas Fishing Guide 06/06/2016
    Southern California Bass Fishing Guide Service - Lake Casitas 06/06/2016
Rich Tauber bass fishing guide service is unique. You will do ALL the fishing. I do not fish other than to to instruct, tutor and teach. The fishing day is yours. I'll do everything possible to make this the best fishing experience of your life. Call or text me today at 818-439-1154 for more information or to Book Online NOW click…
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Lake Casitas, Castaic Lake, Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Report 10/22/2016 – Well our guide fishing service has been fishing three different lakes for the past week to 10 days. The solid bass fishing at Lake Casitas in Ventura California continues. We've been netting live shad to use for bait for two weeks now and we're now starting to net some bait that's just a little bit bigger. And with it the fishing has improved. We're making the bait off bird pushes in isolated areas on Lake Casitas. We're fishing the live shad on 6 pound test line and rigging it in kind of a unique fashion which were sharing with our clients. We also have some pretty solid fishing on a drop shot plastic worm as well. Water temperature is holding steady at 74°. We're expecting a beautiful week of weather next week. With daytime temperatures in the mid-70s. We're not sure how long the bait situation will continue so we recommend our clients get a hold of us as soon as possible to book a fishing trip. Since we now have 3 boats at Rich Tauber Fishing we are utilizing our Ranger 22 foot center console boat to fish striped bass at Castaic Lake. There's a very steady bite trolling an umbrella rig. There are isolated striped bass boiling on shad mostly in the morning hours. Were using a custom umbrella rig that we have used in the past with great success at Castaic Lake. The fish are good size ranging from 2 to 6 pounds. We are not fishing pyramid Lake at this time. Fishing has been very poor there and we're waiting for the situation to improve. As many people know there was a major algae bloom at Pyramid Lake and that actually was when the fishing was best. The water has now gone crystal clear and since then the fishing has dropped off dramatically. The water is beautiful clear but the fishing is super tough. We're going to concentrate our efforts for the next few weeks on Castaic Lake and Lake Casitas. Anglers interested in fishing for striped bass we can arrange a trip for you at Castaic Lake and those that would like to get take advantage of the live shad fishing at Lake Casitas you can make arrangements with me to take you personally. As always on all of our boats we provide all the rods reels and tackle you'll need for the day and there is always bottled water ice and package snacks on board all of the trips at no extra charge. Anglers can also call or text me direct at 818-439-1154 for more information.
Castaic Lake/Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Report 10/13/2016 – We have added a 3rd boat to the fleet at Rich Tauber Fishing and yesterday was the maiden voyage of our brand-new 2016 Ranger 220 Bahia center console fishing machine. To go along with our dynamic Phoenix 721 bass boat and comfortable multipurpose G3 freshwater fishing pontoon boat this will give us the ultimate flexibility for our southern California fishing clientele. We will use this boat throughout the entire winter season fishing striped bass at Castaic Lake and Pyramid Lake and in the summer of 2017 this boat will run coastal fishing trips from Malibu to Santa Barbara and the Channel Islands. I will be running all of the striped bass fishing trips this winter and in the summer of 2017 we will hire a fantastic licensed saltwater captain to run trips along the Ventura coastline and Channel Islands. This boat will comfortably fish 1 to 4 people for all of its freshwater striped bass fishing trips and all saltwater fishing trips will be limited to 2 persons maximum. Anglers who would like more information can call or text me at 818-439-1154.
Lake Casitas Fishing Guide Report 10-03-2016 … We have some steady bass fishing atLake Casitas. Mostly drop shot plastic worm. Water temperature is 74°. The cooling trend here in Ventura is much appreciated. We are starting to net some live threading shad for bait at Lake Casitas. It's not for the faint of heart though it's very tricky and netting most of it off of pushes from Western Grebes. We are open seven days a week and provide all the rods reels and tackle you'll need for the day. Anglers can call or text me for more information at 818-439-1154.

Castaic Lake Fishing Guide Report 10-02-2016 … The Castaic Lake Striper bite continues to be inconsistent as the shad are seemingly all over the lake and anywhere from the shoreline to 60' of water. There are a few boils here and there first thing in the morning but being in the right place at the right time is proving to be difficult. If they do pop up, casting 2" to 3" shad swimbaits or poppers will get you hooked up.

There has also been a developing spoon bite anywhere from 30' – 60' deep at the entrance to the major Fish Arm coves. Look for baitfish schools on your sonar and drop Krocodile or Haddock spoons in chrome or white.

The trolling bite is sporadic due to the baitfish not being concentrated at a consistent depth but umbrella rigs with shad-style swimbaits in the pearl white color are getting some grabs. There are a lot of 5 pound class, fat and healthy Stripers in Castaic Lake this year. Look for the fishing to explode as the water cools down and the baitfish start to ball up.

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