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Thank you for choosing Rich Tauber Southern California Bass Fishing Guide Service. California's ultimate instructional bass fishing guide service. Fishing Lake Casitas, Castaic Lake, and Pyramid Lake in Southern California since 1977. Come and experience world famous trophy bass fishing on the hottest bass fishing lakes in Southern California. We supply everything that you'll need for your day of fishing. While in the Los Angeles area let me show you what Southern California bass fishing is all about! From the novice angler to the most experienced fishermen, families to corporate trips, I will provide you with unmatched service and overall enthusiasm to ensure a great day of bass fishing here in Southern California.

  • Lake Casitas Fishing Guide Report 08/25/2016
    Southern California Bass Fishing Guide Service - Lake Casitas 08/25/2016

Rich Tauber Southern California Bass Fishing Guide service is unique. You will do ALL the fishing. I do not fish other than to to instruct, tutor and teach. The fishing day is yours. I'll do everything possible to make this the best fishing experience of your life. Call or text me today at 818-439-1154 for more information or to Book Online NOW click  …

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Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide Report 11/18/2016 – It's a lot of work but if you're willing to throw a topwater bait all day long these are the type of fish you can catch right now at Pyramid Lake. It's fun and it's straight topwater fishing all day long and here's Vito with one of several fish caught today at Pyramid Lake in Southern California.
Pyramid Lake Fishing Guide Report 11/18/2016Castaic Lake Fishing Guide Report 11/15/2016 – Good numbers of largemouth and smallmouth bass continue to be the hot deal at Castaic Lake in Castaic California for our fishing guide service. The numbers are good and most of the fish are on the small side but there's good numbers of small bass in fairly shallow water in the newly flooded brush throughout Castaic Lake. Small plastic worms and shad invitations are without question the best technique and we highly recommend the split shot technique with these baits. A spinning rod with 6 or 8 pound test line and small shad invitations should provide you with the best success. The striper fishing remains tricky. One day they come up breaking and we have some excellent fishing and then it's 4 or 5 days and we don't see any type of surface activity at all. You have to remember this lake received a tremendous amount of water in a short period of time and all of that flooded brush and the gasses that come off of trees and bushes that are submerged in the water really messes with the pH level of the lake. The pH level is the controlling factor of how aggressive fish will be in the water. When pH levels are between 6.8 and 7.2 they offer the fish the greatest ability to absorb oxygen through the water and move and generate good fishing. When pH levels are below 6.8 or above 7.2 it's difficult for fish to absorb oxygen through the water. The longer the brush stays under the water the less gases it will release and the better the fishing will be. As we spoke about last week there was a trout plant which is promising news and were expecting another one any day. People always ask do I know when trout plants will happen in reality no one knows any longer when they will happen. The Department of Fish and Wildlife really doesn't want anyone to know even lake personnel on many occasions because they do not want people to be crowded on the ramp where they can hardly back there truck up to make the trout plant. Text messaging and Twitter really changed the world of fish planting and when it happens, It's mostly done anonymously and very few people ever know when the actual day of a trout plant will happen. With a steady band of cool temperatures in front of us anglers interested in going fishing can call or text me directly at 818-439-1154 for more information or you can book your fishing trip online by clicking the book online button that you see on our page. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Pyramid Lake Bass Fishing Guide Report 11/06/2016 – Pyramid Lake received its first trout plant of the fall season Wednesday, November 2 at 4 PM in the afternoon. I spoke with some lake personnel after the plant and they told me they were the largest trout they'd ever seen planted there in 14 years. For anglers interested in going trout fishing things look very promising. But it did little to spark the striped bass action. Fishing remains fair at best and some days last week were very beautiful and calm and I saw little to no striper action at all. The largemouth fishing is fair at best. Once again this is a classic time of year at this lake but fishing remains slow. We're going to keep an I on it and report any improving action as soon as it happens. Water temperatures remain 66°.

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